What steps should be taken before picking a Gaming Chair?

Purchasing a gaming seat can be a considerable investment of time and money.

There’s the time that goes into researching a product before making the purchase decision, and then there’s the money.

Luckily, our research will cut down on the time aspect dramatically. Here’s a 6-point checklist of things to consider before you bring any chair back to your domain.

We suggest you sit down and do the following before you rush out and purchase any chair:-


Step 1: Set a budget


The best gaming chair for you can cost from $+ and up depending on what features you need or want.

We suggest you set up a budget before you begin the shopping process. Budget chairs (around $) are good for those with no back issues and just want something comfortable.

For those with sciatica or scoliosis we recommend a chair with ergonomic features – something with really good lumbar support. This will likely have a higher price, but is a great investment in the long run.


Step 2: Know what your body needs


An ergonomic gaming chair should work with you, not against you. It’s also a fact that different people have different needs.

I, for one, needs a firm lumbar support as I have a weak back. Find out the healthiest playing position for your body and find a chair that would do just that. Research and ask!

We have a section dedicated to gaming health where you can read articles on obtaining and maintaining proper posture.


Step 3: Determine your must-have features


What features do you need?

Which ones can you live without?

Develop a list and keep it next to you when you’re shopping. We’ve mentioned to you several must-have features earlier so do keep that in mind.


Step 4: Consider your floor and room decor


This is a common overlooked area. Is your floor hard or carpeted? Depending on your floor type, you have to consider what casters your seat of choice should have.

As said earlier, improper choice will often result to floor damage or body fatigue. With regards to decor, just make sure that the chair’s design fits your room’s. You don’t want your $+ trophy to be an eyesore.


Step 5: Look at the reviews


Have you found your seat? Look up the reviews and see what the customers are saying.

You can always find reviews on Amazon, but make sure to only read Verified Reviews. Reddit is trustworthy as well, but not a lot of chairs have been critiqued.


Step 6: Consider buying online or on retailers


Purchasing online (i.e. Amazon) is very convenient as you need not go out of your room to purchase. Just several clicks in a matter of minutes and you’re done!

You have to be extra careful when buying, however, as you don’t have the capability to actually inspect the seat. That being said, always buy from reputable websites and manufacturers and always read product reviews.

On the other hand, buying directly on target or other stores gives you the freedom to inspect the chair before purchasing. The only downside is that you have to go out and purchase one yourself.


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