During my research into common gaming injuries, I came across several articles where the author actually made fun of these illnesses.

I wouldn’t link out to those articles as I don’t want to point fingers, in particular, one article lists Carpal Tunnel Syndrome despite it being a legitimate injury caused by improper hand use during work or play – together with something called “World of Warcraft Malnutrition” and “Gamer’s Rage”.

That would actually be pretty funny if the author at least recognizes the fact that these injuries are very real, instead, he or she did not.

In an effort to provide a good information about the reality of gaming injuries, we deliver an info-graphic about 5 common gaming injuries.



Obtained through the overuse of the D-Pad, Nintendinitis is also called “Gamer’s Grip”. Symptoms include blistering, swelling of fingers, and tingling or prickling sensation.


PlayStation Thumb

Caused by excessive use of thumb-operated controllers, it is characterized by swelling, blistering, and numbness of the thumb.



A variation of Nintendinitis, Wiiitis is obtained through excessive use of Wii. Characterized by isolated, intense pain on the affected shoulder.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Occurs when tendons swell and put pressure on the median nerve. It is usually caused by improper hand use. Symptoms include  swelling, numbness, and sharp pain.


Back Pain

Caused by improper sitting posture, back pain is usually felt on the lumbar (lower back) area after long periods of sitting. Invest in an ergonomic gaming chair to avoid potential back injuries.

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