Accessories For Gaming Chairs

Accessories For Gaming Chairs

What are Gaming Chair Accessories?

Simply put, they are add ons to your gaming chair or replacement parts that one would need from time to time as the old ones wear out.

Here’s a curated list of gaming chair accessories that we believe that many chair’s will need from time to time. Whether it is a Gaming Chair, Executive Chair, Office Chair, PC Chair or any other chair that one uses for long hours.

Why are Accessories for Gaming Chairs important?

Accessories enhance your gaming experience. They would provide you with extra comfort and protect you from Gaming Injuries. As a matter of fact, anyone who sits for long hours can and should look to make themselves as comfortable as possible while working.


Do your elbows a favour by getting some good quality Armrests. 

Due to constant sitting, it’s common to have elbow sprains and soreness.

Sometimes, we do not realize how dangerous the hard surface of the chair armrest is, especially for our elbows. 

It has been medically proven that all the arm pain emerges from the elbows. It simply means that we must take extra care by getting armrests for chairs for our elbows.


Are you tired of wasting your time and energy fixing and replacing old and impractical plastic castor wheels?

Change or replace your old or broken caster gaming chair wheels.



Cushions will save the best parts of your body, namely your back and butt, specially, if you are spending more than 8 hours a day in your chairs.

After our Intense little research, we thought, it would be best to bifurcate this category further into 3 more categories, namely:-

Lumbar Support Cushions for Gaming Chair are perfect for reducing upper, middle and lower back pains and lumbar pain relief. They provide extra comfort for the whole length of your back. If you are going to sit for long hours, you would probably need a good Lumbar Support. Their shape helps you maintain a healthy ergonomic posture.

Seat Cushions will save your butts life, provide you with extra padding besides the one you own naturally.

Combo Sets are basically seat cushions with back support or a combination of Lumbar Support AND Seat Cushions. They come under the same brand, same fabric, basically looks good as a pair and compliments each other.

A company that makes these combos takes into consideration an over all sitting experience as a combination. So, if you buy a seat cushion of one brand and lumbar support of another, you may feel, that they are not that good together. Mainly due to this reason, i personally think, it would be better for you to go for a combo.

All the above are great for heavy gamers, teachers, pregnant women, drivers, students, people in wheelchair, etc.

Floor Mats

Why are Gaming Chair mats important?

Floor mats for Gaming Chairs, Office Chairs, Executive Chairs are important as they will prevent your floors from wear and damage.

If you have marble and granite floors, floor mats will help you from unnecessary movements and keep your chairs stable.

If you have tiles and wooden floors, floor mats will protect your floors from scratches and dents, specially in wooden floors.

If you have carpets, floor mats become even more important as chair wheels will not sink into a polycarbonate mat.

What things to consider before buying a Gaming Chair Floor Mat?

First and foremost is to make sure that the mat fits the size of your chair and has some extra space for you to move around. So, check the measurements first.

Second most important thing to consider is the type of floor on which you you plan to use a floor mat. As you can see above, different types of floors would need different types of mats.

Thirdly, how easy is to move them and clean them.

This point is also important as its related to environment. Some Floor Mats are free from metals such as Tin and Lead. That will ensure that your indoor environment is healthy and protected from any pollution.


Some Gaming Chairs come with built-in footrests but there are many that do not have a builtin footrest.

It doesn’t make those Gaming Chairs bad, it’s just a feature that they are not providing.

I also doesn’t mean that Footrests are not important, oh hell they are. Ask people who have water retention problem! Their legs swell like anything.

Even for me, it becomes a problem if I am sitting for long hours. So for all hard core gamers and workaholics out there, get an appropriate footrest!

In fact, I would like to do my own research before I buy a footrest. Similarly, I believe, everyone needs to do that research based on one’s own height and chair height that keeps your elbows straight and helps you maintain an ergonomic position.

When I was trying to find myself a footrest, I realized there are many factors to consider and that there are many types of footrests in the market to choose from. Some of the main types are listed below:-

Adjustable Footrests are the ones whose height can be adjusted. In some cases even the tilt can be adjusted.

Inflatable Footrests are easy to carry and the air pressure can be customized based on height and the amount of flexibility one wants.

Memory Foam Footrests are the ones that take the shape of your feet. Be careful to check the height before picking them.

Footrests With Storage are the ones that serve dual purpose. Use them as footrests and on their inside, there’s extra space to keep those other accessories that otherwise keep lying around.

Other Footrests include all the other footrests that I couldn’t fit in the above categories. Especially, the one I like are made of wood. They are somewhat expensive but if you have wooden furniture in your rooms, they would surely mix with the ambience.


All the best brands for Gaming Headsets at one place.

Gaming Headsets that are multi-platform compatible like PS3, PS4, xBox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPads, Desktops and even Mobile Phones.


Massagers are new age gadgets that will spoil you.

They are good inventions, especially for people who have genuine health problems or people who face problems due to long sitting time.

Massagers basic functionality is to provide heating and help improve blood circulation, relieve sore muscles, and make you relaxed.

Most massagers also provide vibration functionality. We can also adjust levels of vibration as per requirement.

When we did our little intense research, we realized, based on different body parts application, different massagers are available in the market. So, we need to put them under 4 different types as shown below:-

Back Massagers can also be used as a lumbar support and a massager. Just place them between your seat and your back and plugin and you are good to go.

Foot Massagers can also be used as footrests and a massager. They can be really addictive. Use them after a long walk and you would be good to go for a long session.

Neck Massagers can also be used as neck pillows and a massager. Just place them on your shoulders and they will relieve all your neck and shoulder stress.

Seat Massagers can also be used as backrest + seat cushion and a massager. They come in one piece and would cover the whole length of your chair providing multiple massage points at your back and butt.


All kinds of Stands that can be used with Gaming Chair, Office table or Wall mount Stands can be found here.

We did a intense little research and divided the stands in 5 different categories namely

Keyboard Stands can be useful in placing keyboards in the best position for you to work for long hours thus reducing strain on your elbows and wrists.

Laptop Stands can be very helpful in maintaining an ergonomic position.

Laptop Stands come in various shapes and sizes, so, you will be able to find a Smart Laptop Stand for your requirement.

Even if you have a Computer Table, it still doesn’t mean that you have a correct sitting posture. A couple of inches up or down can drastically reduce tension from your pressure points.

Mouse Stands can be very convenient sometimes. There are certain positions, where, if the mouse is placed will take a lot of load off from your wrists and elbows.

Wheel & Pedal Stands are used to properly mount wheels and pedals for your racing games.

Wheel and Pedal Stand help provide a stable ground to your steering wheels and pedals thus enhancing your gaming experience greatly.

Other Stands includes Headphone Stand, Armrest Stand, Wall Mount Stands for Monitors, Keyboards and Mouse.

Wheels & Pedals

Wheels and Pedals are great tools that allow you to enjoy the best of racing games.

Most Steering Wheels and Pedals are easily compatible with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE, XBOX360, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android.

But make sure the compatibility with different operating systems as I have seen some are not easily compatible with Apple Desktop and Laptops.

Most Steering wheels also come with built-in dual motor drive, sensitivity adjustment and button programming making them freely adjustable to meet the need of the racing game and have a real racing pleasure.

Most Steering wheels are also equipped with responsive gear and an ergonomically designed pedal with progressive resistance braking.

Also make sure to check the adjustable tilt angles, allowing you to feel every detail while racing.

Also check the size and thickness of steering wheels as per your convenience before making a purchase.

If you do not have an idea as to what size would suit your grip. Take a measurement tape and check some steerings of real cars in your family and maybe in your neighbourhood. This should give you a better idea.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing this.

Hope you have found what you were looking for.

Kindly feel free to make any comments and recommendations. 

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