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We have published several articles which could be of great help to anyone looking for injuries related to Gamers. In addition, you can also check out our guide on finding the best gaming chairs. isn’t just a site about showing you the coolest, most ergonomic, and best-looking chairs – it’s also about helping you achieve the optimal gaming posture and position so you can play whatever game you’re playing to the highest-level you possibly could. This page is dedicated to improving your overall gaming health.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Everything You Need To Know

  Imagine not being able to hold a pen and that you’re wrist feels like it’s about to explode just from attempting to hold it properly. Painful and sad, right? Now imagine not being able to play your favorite PC game anymore – no more LoL, or DoTA, or CS:GO. I...

5 Common Gaming Injuries

During my research into common gaming injuries, I came across several articles where the author actually made fun of these illnesses. I wouldn’t link out to those articles as I don’t want to point fingers, in particular, one article lists Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...

The Spirit Is Willing But The Wrist Is Weak

Confined in a room while sitting on a couch or a gaming chair with cokes or beers on the side (and some slices of pizza boot!), as well as a keyboard and a mouse at hand – this is just but the life of an average gamer who’s at home living the leisurely lifestyle of...

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