About Us

I am Hunny Bunny Love. Well, that’s my League of Legends in-game name. I’m a lowly Platinum 5 player in the SEA region, I’m not too great at League. That doesn’t mean I don’t have fun though. I also play Sims, a lot of Emulator games, and Badlands. The latter does give me motion sickness so I stopped playing it for a while.

I’m a fucking casual, as hardcore gamers would put it, but I love games from the bottom of my heart and I still sit 10 hours a day in front of the computer because that’s where I work.

About Us

We also provide product reviews

XGamingChair.com is a website I built with the aim to become the ultimate resource for those who want to buy a gaming chair. Ultimately, my job is to keep you sitting comfortably longer so you can kick the shit out of your enemies better.

There’s a lot more I want to cover like console gaming chairs and in-between gaming session workouts, so stay tuned.

Hope you find it useful and find it a convenient guide to make good choices.


Our Story & Mission

I have a bad back (lumbar scoliosis) so I can’t really stay seated for too long, unless my chair is ergonomic – that is, my chair has proper body support. This inspired me to make a website about proper sitting.

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