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When you spend most of your day sitting in your chair, you quickly start to realize the importance of comfort in an gaming chair. While ergonomics are nothing new, a renewed interest in improving health and productivity has people looking at ergonomics in a whole different light.

Ergonomics are important for preventing injuries from occurring that are due to repetitive actions such as constantly leaning forward or even staying stationary for extended periods of time. Our Space Seating Professional AirGrid review will reveal how this chair offers all of the benefits of an ergonomic office chair in an eye-catching package that is sure to please all.

Quick Summary


  • Adjustable for the price
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Sturdy nylon base, big casters


  • Flimsy armrests
  • Padding may be inadequate
  • Height adjustment issues

Users will enjoy the ergonomic features that come in a well-rounded package without the bloated price tag that often accompanies ergonomic chairs. If you like cushioned arm and back support, then you may want to look elsewhere. Not what you’re looking for? Go here and check out our selection of the best chairs for gaming.

Space Seating Professional Airgrid Review: Unique Features

  • The seat is made from an Eco Leather material which is easy to clean but promotes breathability and comfort.
  • Adjustable seat height adjustment with just one touch.
  • Adjustable tilt and tension control with the 2-to-1 Synchro system.
  • Heavy duty support base with oversized dual wheels that are easy on your carpet (we still recommend a floor mat).


Adjustable for the price

If you’ve been putting off purchasing an ergonomic chair because you’re afraid that great features have to come at the price of your first newborn, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the Space Seating chair. The amount you pay for the ergonomic features of this chair is a bargain!

It may not be an important feature to some; we like the ability to be able to recline backward. Everyone needs a break now and then. While you could choose to take your break elsewhere, you can also lean back in your chair (after you adjust the settings to your liking), and take a short little nap. Shhh… We won’t tell.

While there’re chairs out there on the market that may limit certain users due to height adjustments, this isn’t one of those chairs. The height is easily adjustable by about 5 inches. While 5 inches may not seem like much, we find this range to be satisfactory for a variety of people’s heights. Short and taller than average people, we’re looking at you!

Armrests. They’re forgotten essentials until we need them. Only then, do we appreciate them. Adjustable arm rests are essential to promoting ergonomic workflow and wellbeing. Interestingly enough, if you decide to operate your chair without armrests, you can do that too.

Style and Design

Appearances can either make or break a deal, but the professional and stylish finish is guaranteed to look good in any office environment. While there’s only one color option to pick from (black – we certainly wish there are more options), the color is versatile and will match just about any décor.

One of our favorite things to look for in a quality chair is the mesh backing. While it seems counterintuitive, the mesh fabric not only offers a surprisingly amount of support and comfort, but the mesh also keeps things cool when you become glued to your seat.

There are variations to Space Seating’s design – the one in the featured image is called Manager, but there are two other versions: Executive and Visitor. The Executive chair seems to look like the Manager chair with a headrest. The Visitor looks almost the same, it just lacks wheels.

It’s amusing and a bit annoying how the chairs are named: Hey, you’re an executive so you need a shiny new headrest! You’re just a manager, so you don’t need one. Oh, you’re just a visitor? Well, nope, no wheels for you. 

executive and visitor chairs

Two other versions of Space Seating Chairs


Armrests are a bit flimsy

We mentioned the arm rests previously, but we feel like they’re worth mentioning on our Space Professional Seating AirGrid review again for an entirely different reason. While they’re versatile in the way you can adjust them or even remove them, they do lack the sturdiness we’ve come to appreciate with other competing chairs. The material could probably be better constructed, but there’s very little you can do. Of course, you can always remove the arm rests completely, but this may not be feasible for everyone.

Padding and height issues

The seat padding while adequate, is probably not the best. A quick search on the web reveals reoccurring concerns about the seat padding. We have a theory that heavier individuals will have a harder time with this design.

Also while you can adjust the back height of the chair, the levels of adjustments for the height of the actual chair seem to be limited. At the very lowest setting, you sit a total of 18 inches off the ground. While this may be ideal for average or long legs, short people may have to “hop” off the chair if you will. The problem is easily remedied with a foot stool, however.

Those who prefer a cushioned or more solid back (remember, the back is made from breathable mesh), will be disappointed. Instead, the chair offers firm back support with a lower lumbar support system.

The Verdict

Users will enjoy the ergonomic features that come in a well-rounded package without the bloated price tag that often accompanies ergonomic chairs. If you like cushioned arm and back support, then you may want to look elsewhere. We hope you like our Space Seating Professional AirGrid review.

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