lorell executive high back chair review

When a seemingly ordinary office chair commands over 700 customer reviews with over 50% of those being satisfied customers, we’re quick to pull out our magnifying glasses to examine the product carefully.

The Lorell Executive chair boasts a high rating with a variety ergonomic features that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Read our Lorell Executive High Back Chair review and learn more!

Quick Summary


  • Affordable for the features
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Multiple adjustment options


  • Not the prettiest design
  • Taller people may have issues
  • Some reported caster issues

While it’s not the most attractive gaming seat to look at, in-fact we’d consider it to be a budget office chair, it’s not every day you find a feature rich product that is at a steal of a price.

Lorell Executive High Back Chair Review: Features

The ergonomically high back chair offers breathability and support in the form of mesh fabric. While those who prefer cushioned backs may be put off, you’ll appreciate this feature during intense gaming sessions or if you work long hours.

  • You can adjust the seat height from the floor to around 17 to 21 inches.
  • Arms are adjustable in both height and width.
  • The seat height can be adjusted with the pneumatic adjust feature.
  • The base is constructed of high-quality plastic on easy to roll castors.
  • Tilt and asynchronous three lever controls within reach.
  • You can swivel any which way you prefer with the 360-degree swivel.
  • Fun Fact: Meets the CA117 standard for fire resistant construction.


lorell executive chair

While we can’t say that style is what initially attracted us upon viewing the product, we were impressed with the comfort and rich features of the chair that were offered at an affordable almost rock bottom price.

The mesh backrest provides adequate back support and promotes proper ventilation to keep your clothes from sticking to you in a puddle of cold, damp sweat.

While it’s not the best possible product you could purchase for the end all be all solution for comfort, it does offer decent cushion and support to get the job done. The other parts also give the impression of sturdy craftsmanship with quality plastic being the primary construction material of this chair.

There are a few complaints of the chair breaking some years down the road, but does anyone truly expect their office chair to last a lifetime? We certainly don’t.

The Lorell Executive High Back chair is remarkably easy to put together. We were able to have the chair completely unboxed and ready to go in about 25 minutes. Others who have reviewed and purchased the product have reported the same results.

The armrests while not padded, can be adjusted in some ways. You can choose to adjust the height for the tallest of users or even outwards for heavier boned users.

One of the most important functions of a chair is the ability to change it to a user’s liking. The chair has a variety of multi-function controls that allow you to adjust the seat and backrest separately from each other.

You can adjust the backrest while the seat remains stationary. More importantly, the edge of the seat can be adjusted either upwards or downwards depending on the support you need.

Speaking of the edge of the seat, the Lorell Executive High Back Chair features the waterfall design of the edge of the chair allows for comfort and helps reduce fatigue during prolonged sitting.

While we were impressed with how much features the chair packs into an affordable package, we did notice a few things we were less than thrilled about.


The seat is average height that makes it suitable for most users, but taller users may want to reconsider this chair. The design was intentional to promote an overall sense of performance and stability.

Padded armrests are a matter of preference. We prefer our armrests to be padded for added comfort. Those of you who rarely use your armrests can ignore this design flaw. Furthermore, some have reported the chair back gives a little, but we suppose it depends on your weight.

The chair isn’t the most stylish or attractive to look at, but there are more attractive chairs out there and while we didn’t have a problem with the castors during our test, some users did complain that the casters seem to move too freely to offer a secure feeling.

Apparently this minor annoyance won’t improve whether you use the chair on carpet or a floor mat.

The Verdict

While it’s not the most attractive chairs to look at, in-fact we’d consider it to be a budget office chair, it’s not every day you find a feature rich product that is at a steal of a price.

We wouldn’t rely on this chair for years, we do think it’s a suitable stepping stone in the right direction for ergonomics. We hope this Lorell Executive High Back Chair review can help you in your buying decision.

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