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Chairs – we work on them, play on them, shop on them, eat on them, and even date on them. Many of us spend most of our waking hours on chairs. But here’s the thing, life in chairs is bad for our health. It increases our risk to musculoskeletal symptoms such as back pain and postural misalignment. This is why whether you are a gamer or a desk-job worker, go get yourself a quality chair!

Speaking of which the Embody by Herman Miller is one of those chairs we’re excited to introduce you to. This chair features innovative design and technology, including intelligent layers, Pixelated Support™, and Backfit™ adjustment.

In this review, we will take a closer look at several features that makes the Embody a great chair for those with a bad back. So, before you go shopping for chairs, make sure to read this Embody Herman Miller review to the end.

Quick Summary


  • Plenty of adjustable features
  • Great air circulation
  • Recyclable


  • Padding may not be enough.
  • Narrow backrest is not for everyone.
  • Very pricey

As far as the Embody is concerned, we give the product a big thumbs up in its comfort, ergonomics, function, and durability. All those of years of research, design, building and testing definitely paid off and culminated in this amazing chair. Not what you’re looking for? Go here to and check out the best pc gaming chairs.

Unique Features

Multiple Adjustable Parts

The Embody was made with the user in mind – equipped with the latest technology in ergonomics coupled by superior design, this office or gaming chair will keep your back straight and you productive for longer.

The chair also features multiple points of adjustments. Aside from its ergonomic and intuitive functions, Embody also boasts adjustable height and seat depth, armrests that can be moved in four directions, and a flexible seat edge that encourages proper posture and blood flow as you sit. While the plethora of adjustable features may be a good thing for some, an assortment of possible adjustments can get frustrating. That being said the chair has quite a steep “adjustment” curve.

Intelligent Layers and Visible Functions

The Embody chair is made of four layers – each of which possesses unique material properties. The bottom layer is made up of a series of plastic bands designed to provide suspension. The second layer is a sheet of coils designed to provide support. The third layer appears to be a system of hexagonal rings that balances your weight every time you move, and the top layer is a mesh design that allows airflow.

embody front and back view

Moreover, unlike most chairs, which construction design is all nicely covered, Embody’s function is on full display and is part of its aesthetic, allowing you to visibly observe how its individual parts works.

Pixelated Support

Embody’s seat and back surfaces were designed using a dynamic matrix of pixels, allowing the chair to conform to your body’s micro-movements. This evenly distributes your body’s weight as you sit, reducing pressure certain parts of your body and allowing healthy blood circulation. According to the company’s website, this creates “a sense that you are floating, yet perfectly balanced”.

Backfit Adjustment and Narrow Backrest

The back of the chair is designed to offer comfortable back support. This Backfit adjustment allows you to position the backrest in line with the natural curve of your spine. Embody’s narrow backrest also lets your arms and shoulders to move unimpeded, allowing you a wide range of upper-body motions while sitting.


The Embody chair is made of non-toxic sustainable materials; 42% of its content is actually recycled. That’s a guilt-free purchase for you!

Multiple Color Variations

color varieties

Embody offers several color varieties one of which will surely fit in with the rest of your gaming setup or office furniture. Currently, there are five colors to choose from and you can also choose between aluminum or titanium base. You can choose from green, berry blue, black, mink, and charcoal, but upon checking their Amazon page, new colors are continually added.

Video Review

Here’s a short video review from moogoogaipan1999 which I hope will help you in your decision. She bought a purple Embody which seems to be out of stock or phased out now.

Is it worth the cost? You decide. You can actually find chairs that offer the same comfort that are cheaper like the DX Racer F-Series. We recommend checking out local showrooms or at least sit down on a few chairs at Best Buy or Target before purchasing online.


  • Very ergonomic chair with emphasis on balance, comfort, and spinal health.
  • Plethora of color variations to choose from so the chair can blend well in any work or gaming setup.
  • In for the long haul. We haven’t heard or read a lot of complaints about the Embody breaking in a couple of months.
  • Made of recyclable and recycled materials so you’re doing Mother Nature a favor as well.


  • Very pricey. Nuff said.
  • First time users may find it frustrating and overwhelming to find the perfect chair setup because there are so many adjustable parts.
  • Not as “gaming chair-looking” like DX Racer chairs and may put off some serious gamers.
  • Narrow backrest may not be to your liking.

The Verdict

When it comes to choosing a chair, comfort, ergonomic, function and durability are the main factors we look into. And as far as the Embody is concerned, we give the product a big thumb up in all of these categories. Price aside, Embody has far exceeded our expectation and left us in awe with its amazing science and design. All those of years of research, design, building and testing definitely paid off and culminated in this amazing chair.

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