Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair

It’s not too often that a product enters the market that is capable or talented enough to satisfy a multitude of needs and requirements. The Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair seems to be one of those rare gems that can deliver exactly that.

Quick Summary


  • Great design
  • Perfect cushioning
  • Plenty of features for price


  • Leather traps heat
  • Armrests are only height-adjustable
  • Reports of bad delivery

There’s not much we can say negative about the Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair. With great design, coupled with adjustability that’s rare for this price range, there’s not much we can say bad about this baby. Sure, the faux leather upholster traps heat, but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly and ergonomic seat, the Flash Furniture High Back is the chair for you. Not what you’re looking for? Go here to check out the top gaming chairs.

Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair: Unique Features

Contemporary Design

Not exactly a unique feature per se, but the High Back’s contemporary design will fit any gaming or office room. I actually prefer this design over any other high-end seat out there. The design just clicked with me.

The designers at Flash Furniture have also incorporated ergonomics and various adjustments to make this a practical office recliner for anyone who is on a budget but doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort and quality. Keep reading to learn more.

flash furniture high back design angles

This contemporary design will complete any gaming or office setup.

The contours on the backrest looks amazing and the symmetry simply satisfied my underlying OCD. And what’s more, it’s BLACK.

Durable Nylon Base with Rigid End Caps

What we noticed when we were assembling this seat is that the seat seems to have great foundation mechanics as you can see on the pictures below:

stable, adjustable base and foundation


Sturdy base and wheels ensures you won’t topple over.

Every other model in this price range we’ve seen – except for, say, Black PU Leather High Back – has shoddily made foundation that easily breaks. The Flash Furniture’s durable nylon base is superior to most we’ve seen and it would last a long time, even with heavy usage.

Triple Paddle Control Mechanism

triple paddle control mechanism

Everyone has different needs and support requirements. So when you’re picking the ideal gaming chair, you need to find one that can adapt to your needs. The Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair offers multiple possible adjustments through the easy to use paddles located on the underside of the seat.

The Triple Paddle Mechanism makes it easy for you to adjust the seat height, tilt and lock the seat forward and backward, and tilt and lock the back seat independently. These three easy-to-reach levers allows you to find the most comfortable and ergonomic position for your body.

It’s no LiveBack Technology, but if you’re looking for something that’s highly adjustable but doesn’t break the bank, then this seat is for you.

Other than the paddle mechanism, other ergonomic features include an adjustable back height which can be configured via a knob.

Pressurized Lumbar Support Knob

pressurized lumbar support knob

An unassuming Pressurized Lumbar Support Knob is located on the side of the seat. This knob allows you to place the lumbar support exactly where you want it to be as well as determine the amount of force it will exert on your back. There is no cut and dry way of adjusting the knob because every back is different. I suggest playing with the knob until you get the perfect calibration. I like to keep mine turned all the way and my shoulders are feeling less sore already.

Black LeatherSoft Upholstery

LeatherSoft padding

The High Back’s cushion is made of fire retardant foam so that’s a plus point for safety, but more than that, the cushion provides adequate amount of padding – not too thick, not too thin – for its users.

This really puts the High Back in a positive light because some chairs we’ve sat on have super thick cushion that it feels like we’re being swallowed or drowned. The black LeatherSoft  upholstery feels soft and plush which complements the cushioning. The only downside to LeatherSoft is that it traps heat so be wary if you’re the type that sweats a lot during intense matches or if you have a powerful heater called a CPU.


  • Assembling it is a straightforward process. Even if you’re not tool-oriented, most customers agreed that construction takes 25 minutes at the most.
  • It is made of sturdy materials so you won’t have to worry about looking for a replacement a month or two down the road.
  • Its contemporary design makes it suitable for kind of gaming or work setup.
  • Comfy seat thanks to LeatherSoft. Sitting on it for hours on end won’t cause any irritation, making it desirable for people who spend a large portion of the day sitting in front of a desk.
  • There are many possible ways to adjust the chair thanks to the Triple Paddle Control Mechanism and adjustable armrest


  • The faux leather material may put off some, although the material is durable and easy to care for.
  • Armrest is only height-adjustable.

Final Verdict

Overall, this seat is easy on the eyes due to the stylish design, but most importantly, users will find that the chair supports all ergonomic efforts while being comfortable to sit in for any period of time.

The durability and construction of this seat will ensure that your money is well invested, and you won’t have to search for another replacement chair (it all seems like a gamble, doesn’t it?) for quite some time.

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Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair
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