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Not all chairs fit everyone’s needs. Especially for those who take gaming seriously, poorly-made chairs might be uncomfortable and unhealthy in the long run. This results to lackluster in-game performance, not to mention backs and overall blood circulation might suffer as well. You can check the current price here.

DXRacer chairs are the ultimate computer chairs made solely for the benefit of gamers. Sure, it has the same features and functionality as your typical office-slash-gaming chair like the Steelcase and Flash Furniture, but aesthetically speaking, DXRacers are better-suited for gaming.

The DXRacer chair is quite an investment which begs the question: is buying a DXRacer chair worth it? Is it leaps and bounds ahead of, say a Flash Furniture, which only costs a third/a half of a DXRacer?

This article is made to answer those questions. Read our comprehensive DXRacer F Series review below.

Quick Summary


  • Plenty of design options
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Customizable


  • Hefty price tag
  • Armrests only height-adjustable
  • Hard to assemble due to weight

The DXRacer F Series is the ultimate gaming chair (for us at least) and is head and shoulders above your standard Walmart/Costco office chair. It’s got a hefty price tag, but you will be sitting on it for a long time. Not what you’re looking for? Check out our gaming chair reviews section.

DX Racer Review: Features

Models and Colors


With 40+ models to choose from, the F (for Formula) series is one of DXRacer’s most successful gaming chair line. Surely, you’ll love a model or two from this line – with the variety offered you will definitely find a design which will sit (pun intended) well with you!

There are 12 available colors. Available colors include the common green, blue, white, yellow, gray, black, orange and the more unique ones like indigo and coffee. The designs are also created to be suitable for any gender, although pink is the color for most lady gamers. But hey – who says men can’t choose something pink?

Pading and Covering

padding and cover

Image credit: irishtechnews.net

As for seat covering, you have three options: Fabric, Polyurethane (PU), or Carbon Look Vinyl (PVC).

We recommend using fabric if you have a pet (especially a cat) as fabric is resistant to animal claws. It also doesn’t heat as much as the other materials and it’s cheaper too. We don’t recommend fabric if you smoke as the smell sticks to the fabric, which can be hard to remove. Avoid this cover as well if you eat and drink on your game station because food stains are a (literal) chore to remove on fabric.

Polyurethane has a leathery feel to it and should therefore feel a bit more classy than any other covers. PU is waterproof and easy to clean so it’s a favorite among gamers who love to eat and drink on their gaming stations. Just wipe them spills and you’re done!

Leather Style Vinyl (PVC) is also waterproof and easier to clean, but the materials used to make PVC makes it a more durable cover than PU.

Overall, the padding and covering is very decent and I’m pretty confident that it won’t sink after a couple of months’ use.

Ergonomic Features

What buyers should look at attentively is the gaming chair’s ergonomic features, or certain features that let you adjust and control comfort or accessibility however you deem necessary:


Adjustable Backseat – The backseat can be tilted up to 135 degrees and offers 12 adjustable backseat positions. Tilting the backseat all the way down is pretty handy when you need to rest during queue times, or whenever you watch movies or LCS. I’ve dozed off a couple of times from tilting back just because it’s that comfortable/ Just tilt the backseat and take a nap! The backrest also feels like it supports my entire back (especially the lumbar area) and this isn’t something that I have experienced in my previous swivel chairs.

Armrests – The F-Series (and D Series) only features height-adjustable armrests unlike it’s other counterparts. If you like multi-directional armrests, you should take a look at the other series. The armrest is well-padded and soft though, so that has it going for me, although I’m not a fan of armrests because my playing posture usually allows me to rest my wrists on the desk itself.

Accessories – DXRacer F Series models include a lumbar and a headrest cushion in matching colors for better seating. I personally like the lumbar cushion as it helps me achieve a better sitting posture. For those who slouch or has a bad back (scoliosis, sciatica, etc) the lumbar support is a heaven-sent.


To start this out, the chair is certainly heavier than the usual office chairs and this seems to be a manifestation of the build quality – much like legit powerbanks are heavier than those fake made-in-china ones.aluminum nylon base

The chair base is a major factor in determining stability and durability. A lot of materials can be used to construct chair bases but gaming chairs should be sturdy enough to support not only the gamer’s weight, but also the chair’s tilt mechanism to avoid fallouts.

The F Series models offer Black or Silver Aluminum and Black Nylon bases. All three has a 360-degree swivel and are five-spoke bases, allowing it to carry up to 200lbs or 90 kg.

The nylon base has a matte finish and looks a bit more classy than its aluminum counterpart. On the other hand, aluminum has a shiny finish and can support more weight than nylon since aluminum is stronger than nylon. All bases are footrest-shaped for maximum convenience.


Casters are the small wheels under furniture to allow movement. This is also a factor to consider in your gaming chair purchase.

The DXRacer’s F Series line has casters that would not only satisfy you (the gamer), but also the housekeeper! All models are equipped with five 2-inch caster rollers for a smooth gliding experience. These are quiet movers that do not leave marks on floors since these are made of soft Polyurethane (PU) rubberized materials.

Unfortunately, since these casters are pretty small using them on thick carpet will be a annoying. Wooden floors, tiles, and thin carpets are 2-inch casters’ best friends.


This DXRacer review notes that warranties under the DXRacer F Series include a lifetime warranty on the steel frame, and a 2-year warranty on parts. It is also worthy to note that upholstery conditions are not included in the warranties.

Suggested Height and Weight Limit

The DXRacer F Series can support a person weighing up to 200 lb or 90 kg with height around 175 cm or 5 ft. 9 in. Although this line has that limit, there are other DXRacer Series that can accommodate those people with larger builts. The DXRacer Tank Series and the DXRacer Boss Series can support up to 205kg of weight and 6 ft. 7in. of height.

DXRacer F Series Review: Pros and Cons


  • There’s just so many models and colors to choose from. It’s also the gaming chair in every sense of the word. It’s not an office chair that you use for gaming; it’s a chair you use for PC gaming.
  • Comfort and convenience is emphasized as well. I could really say that the F-Series is an ergonomic chair and I especially love the free lumbar support.
  • The F-Series is fully-customizable – you have 3 cover choices, 2 base choices, over 40 models to choose from, and 12 color options.


  • The F-Series comes with a hefty price tag and it’s surely a big investment for your gaming setup. Hey, you can spend a lot for that GTX 980. You can surely spend some half of that on a comfy chair that would last several years.
  • When it comes to the seat cover, you can’t have the best of both worlds. If you choose fabric you can’t eat, drink, or smoke, but you have a chair that remains cool. If you choose PU or PVC, you can eat, drink, and smoke, but the chair gets hot as hell when you sit for long periods.

Our Two Cents

The F-Series is a great series with plenty of design and customization options. It’s one of the most successful models because it fits the average gamer height and weight at 5ft. 9in and 270lbs., respectively.

I’m a bit short at 5ft 6in and 150lbs, but it still feels very comfortable. If you want a real “gaming chair” and not just an office chair you use for gaming, this model (or any other DXRacer model) is for you. We hope this DXRacer F Series review helps you in your decision!

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