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People who spend an excessive amount of time in front of the digital screen, be it computer or TV screen, are often too aware of the fatigue that sets in after a while. While you can’t prevent the fatigue entirely, you can reduce it significantly when you take the right steps. One of those steps is picking the right ergonomic gaming chair for you. Introducing the Best Office Black PU Executive chair. The rich features of this chair definitely come in an attractive package.

Black PU: Quick Summary


  • Extremely affordable
  • Simple and no frills
  • Comfy and ergonomic


  • Limited adjustable parts
  • Strange gasoline odor
  • Difficult to assemble

The High Back Executive PU Leather Chair is among the top ranked executive chairs in its category. While you would think that would mean paying a fortune for this chair, you would be pleasantly surprised. Not what you’re looking for? We have plenty of PC gaming chairs here.

Unique Features

Here at X Gaming Chairs, we often emphasize on a gaming chair’s unique features like Steelcase’s Live Back Technology or Flash Furniture’s Triple Paddle Mechanism. However, the Best Office Executive Chair is as basic as it gets – although it’s a great option for budget buyers, the chair doesn’t have unique features. That being said, let’s check the chair’s pros and cons.


Great Design and Build

The very first thing you’ll notice about this chair is the attractive design; in fact, that’s what persuaded us to try the chair out. That and the incredible title of being the #1 bestseller in executive chairs. The style is modernly influenced and should look perfect in just about any office or home setting.

Fabric material choice is another important factor to take into consideration. Certain materials lend themselves to being easier maintained than others. Leather is an example. The Best Office Executive chair offers you the best of both worlds: An easy to clean leather-like material without the high maintenance of actual leather. Instead of having to call in a professional to clean and maintain your chair, you can simply wipe and go with a damp microfiber cloth.

Comfortable and Ergonomic

Once you sit in the chair, you begin to realize just how comfortable this chair is. The padding throughout the chair is exactly where it’s needed, but it’s not just the padding we noticed – some other features make this chair stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The seat’s edge utilizes the rounded waterfall design that is beneficial for allowing blood circulation through your the legs.

While this may not matter to someone who uses the chair for a couple of hours a day, people who must remain in their chairs for long periods of time will appreciate the rounded seat edge.

Moreover, the backrest sits high and offers a contoured design that provides the lumbar support that will help prevent any repetitive stress-induced injuries.

We also like the recline feature in this chair. It’s ideal for those of us who sometimes “forgets” to take breaks from their computer. You can recline backward for a quick little nap without feeling unstable or like you’re trying to steady yourself from falling.

The ability to swivel or turn the chair in any manner of direction is a welcome feature by those who have an L-shaped desk, or their workstation encompasses a variety of areas. You don’t have to get up and re-position the chair to continue your conversation with a customer or avoid interrupting your workflow.

Now surprisingly, all these features are available at an affordable price. It’s not too often that you see a product that commands an affordable price while being ranked highly, but the Best Office Black PU Chair does exactly that!


Difficult to Assemble

While the chair is worth the trouble, the chair is quite difficult to put together. You won’t realize this until you get to the very last bolt. There seems to be a method of being able to get every bolt and piece to cooperate with you. We suggest keeping all the bolts loose until you’re ready to line the ends up.

It’s not until after you assemble the product that you realize the chair is extremely bulky and heavy in nature. So this probably won’t place this candidate in the top portable office chair category, if there ever was one.

Emanates Strange Odor

We also noticed the chair produced a strange odor. It’s not a bad stench, but it’s noteworthy. We couldn’t quite put our finger on what it was until we looked at other reviews and realized that many of the users had summed the experience up well: the smell is that of gasoline. Some suggested spraying the chair with Febreeze or another air freshener, but we’re concerned about maintaining the integrity of the material, so we refrained. Instead, we let the smell disappear in about a week.

The Verdict

The High Back Executive PU Leather Chair is among the top ranked executive chairs in its category. While you would think that would mean paying a fortune for this chair, you would be pleasantly surprised. The chair packs a punch in quality and features, making it easy to ignore some of the drawbacks listed. We conclude that for the price and quality of this chair, you can’t go wrong.

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