AmazonBasics Office Chair Review

If you’re looking for a simple gaming chair that doesn’t break the bank, the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office chair could be the right one for you. Read our review below and learn more.

Before proceeding further, I will be reviewing two types of AmazonBasics chairs. One model has a black bonded leather upholstery while the other one has a contoured mesh-back for breath-ability.

Quick Summary


  • Very affordable
  • Quick assembly
  • Height and tilt adjustable


  • Not-so-great design
  • Armrests not adjustable
  • Padding is not as thick

The AmazonBasics office chair is not the greatest chair out there and it’s not intended to be – but if you’re not picky on where you seat this one’s for you. Not what you’re looking for? Go here to learn more about gaming chairs.


Basic Design That Works

basic design features

The AmazonBasics come in two types – bonded leather upholstery and mesh-back

Both chair types have no “unique” features per se – these chairs are as basic as you can get, hence the rock bottom prices.

They are however, fully-functional. If you’re the type of person that couldn’t care less about bells and whistles like Leap chair’s LiveBack Tech or Flash Furniture’s Triple-Paddle Mechanism, or if you don’t suffer any back injury that needs extra ergonomic attention, then the AmazonBasics office chair is a perfect fit for you.

Both the black bonded leather upholstery and contoured mesh back look stylish enough to fit in any gaming and office room, although it doesn’t have that “executive look” like the more luxurious (note: expensive) chairs.

Personally, the models don’t have the greatest design and has that “cheap-looking” aura, but hey, you better off spending money on upgrading that tower before splurging on a new butt-holder.


height and tilt tension

The chair features a singular pneumatic paddle that you can use to adjust the chair’s height. We were pretty surprised that you can also use the same lever to tilt forward or back.

To adjust the tilt, simply pull out the lever. The AmazonBasics chair also lets you control its tilt tension by twisting a knob under the chair. I prefer to max tension when it comes to tilt because this gives my lower back an extra “push” which translates to better back support.

This level of ergonomic adjustability is good enough for people with a weak back or someone who if suffering from back injury, but personally, I would recommend something that is packed with more ergonomic features.

2 Types of Upholstery

bonded leather and mesh back

Bonded Leather Upholstery and Mesh

Choosing an upholstery type pretty much boils down to preference, but to give you some insights here are things that I found:

The bonded leather is definitely NOT for the sweaty type as it traps heat. If you’re the type that cold sweats during intense matches or you just live in a warmer area, this may not be for you. Of course, it’s a different story if you’re in an air-conditioned room. I recommend choosing the bonded leather upholstery if you live in a relatively cold area and/or don’t sweat buckets like I do.

It’s also pretty easy to clean. Wiping the chair with a wet cloth cleans it of most dirt or spilled beverage.

The  mesh back allows for air circulation. This is good as it prevents or at least minimizes the chances of creating a pool of sweat on your back. The only downside of mesh is that it can get irritating to the skin when in contact for long periods.

Mesh is also prone to damage especially if you have cats. Be mindful of these factors when you choose.

Dual-Caster Wheels

dual casters

The AmazonBasics Office Chair also has smooth-scrolling dual-caster wheels for improved mobility. They are sturdy and can support up to 225 pounds. 

The only downside of these dual casters is that they are rather small and wouldn’t fare well with thick carpets.


  • Very affordable relative to features
  • Assembly is a quick and straightforward process.


  • Doesn’t look as luxurious as other chairs on our list.
  • No extra ergonomic features, so probably not for those with back injuries.
  • Dual-caster wheels are quite small.


Both the bonded leather and mesh back AmazonBasics chair are good choices for those looking for entry-level gaming chairs. It might not have the best features like the Flash Furniture High Back or heck, even the Black PU chair, but it does the job. It’s one of the most affordable chairs as well, so why not?

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