Hi! Thanks for visiting XGamingChair.com. I hope this website will serve you well.

Who am I?

I am Hunny Bunny Love. Well, that’s my League of Legends in-game name. I’m a lowly Platinum 5 player in the SEA region, I’m not too great at League. That doesn’t mean I don’t have fun though. I also play Sims, a lot of Emulator games, and Badlands. The latter does give me motion sickness so I stopped playing it for a while.


I’m a fucking casual, as hardcore gamers would put it, but I love games from the bottom of my heart and I still sit 10 hours a day in front of the computer because that’s where I work.

I have a bad back (lumbar scoliosis) so I can’t really stay seated for too long, unless my chair is ergonomic – that is, my chair has proper body support. This inspired me to make a website about proper sitting.

XGamingChair.com is a website I built with the aim to become the ultimate resource for those who want to buy a gaming chair. Ultimately, my job is to keep you sitting comfortably longer so you can kick the shit out of your enemies better.

In this website you can find out the best chairs for PC and console gaming. You can start by reading the following links:

There’s a lot more I want to cover like console gaming chairs and in-between gaming session workouts, so stay tuned.