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So tell me: are you ready for a new butt-buddy?

You can scroll down for a more detailed guide, but if you’re in a hurry and aching to get your next butt bro, we hand-picked a few recommendations for you. These are are our best gaming chairs for 2017:

ImageModelErgonomicsCapacityMaterial & HeightPopularityPrice
flash furniture high back tablepressFlash Furniture High Back LeatherVery Good300lbs.High Back | Leather Seatfive-stars$$
black pu leather high back Black PU Leather High Back ChairGood250lbs.High Back | Polyurethane Leatherfour-stars$
dxracer f seriesDXRacer F SeriesExcellent200lbs.High Back | Choice of Polyurethane, Fabric, or Carbon Look Vinylfive-stars$$$
steelcase leap tablepress Steelcase Leap ChairExcellent250lbs.Mid Back | Fabricfour-stars$$$$$
amazon basics high backAmazon Basics High BackGood250lbs.High Back | Bonded Leather & PVCfive-stars$
amazon basics mid backAmazon Basics Mid-BackGood225lbs.Mid Back | Nylon Meshfive-stars$
boss blackBoss Black Leather SeatGood250lbs.High Back | Leather (LeatherPlus) Seatfour-stars$$
herman miller aeronHerman Miller AeronExcellent300lbs.High Back | Mesh Fabric3.5-star$$$$$
serta office chairSerta Mid-Back Office ChairVery Good350lbs.Mid Back | Bonded Leather with Contrast Stitchingfour-stars$$
space seating professionalSpace Seating ProfessionalGood300lbsMid Back | Leather Seat with Mesh Sidingfive-stars$$
alera elusion chairAlera ElusionVery Good250lbs.Mid Back | Mesh Back with Fabric Upholstery4.5 stars$$

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10 Best PC Gaming Chairs for 2017

Now that you know everything there is to know on choosing the best gaming chair for your butt and back, we present you our top picks for 2017!

If you’re looking for the best computer chair, the 10 listed below are some of the most recommended products for their genre, but most importantly, you can go out and buy them right now.

Now, we know the importance of selecting a quality product, but sometimes it can be difficult to make a firm decision on which product to buy. Especially when faced with a restrictive budget.

Fortunately for you, these chairs not only have some of the best and most reviews available online, but they’re also well worth their price tag. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Flash Furniture High Back

flash furniture high back review

Click here for prices and reviews

So we recognize that not everyone can afford to go out and immediately spend a fortune on a chair, we do have a more budget friendlier recommendation.

Introducing the Flash Furniture High Back.

This futuristic executive style chair is stylish and offers just the right amount of cushion and support without looking overdone. What? You thought we were going to tell you to resort to borrowing your mom’s dining chair? While that option is budget friendly, it’s not exactly what we had in mind.

There’s a triple paddle control that allows the user such as yourself to adjust the seats recline, seat height, and even the armrest positioning.

There’s a number of color and style variations available on Amazon, which made it difficult for us to pick personally which one looked the best. The answer is, they all do! Definitely our second best gaming chair pick.

2. DXRacer F Series

dx racer f series review

Click here for prices and reviews

The DXRacer F Series is another option if you want the best gaming chair for your body, and have a few couple hundred bucks extra. The chair is not only very aesthetic, but the ergonomic features (i.e, height and tilt adjustment) is perfect for intense hours of computer work or gaming sessions while the adjustable padded armrests  and free lumbar support and headrest provide a welcome addition when we need a well-deserved break.

Design wise, you have more than 40 or so models to choose from and the chair’s base gives you two options – nylon or aluminum. The chair quite heavy as well, heavier than most chairs we’ve tested in fact, which seems to be a manifestation of its build quality. Unfortunately, the price tag is just as heavy.

Overall the DX Racer F-Series is a contender of the title of best gaming chair.

3. Steelcase Leap

steelcase leap chair review

Click here for prices and reviews

You don’t have to be an office professional to pick one of these babies up. In fact, one of the best things about the Steelcase Leap is the fact that it not only looks good in any setting, but it also performs well for whatever line of duty it’s needed for.

You being the commander can decide if this throne is going to help you stay focused in front of a computer screen all day, or if you need a chair that has your back (and butt) for when you’re tackling enemies on the front line.

One of the features that make this product unique from most other seats is the patented Liveback Technology – this feature pushed us to consider it as the best gaming chair (at least for 2017)

You won’t find this technology anywhere else. So what is it and what exactly does it do? With a series of adjustments, the user can adjust the seat to practically form to the curvature of their spine.

Steelcase has conducted numerous studies that revealed that no two person’s spines are exactly alike. In fact, if you were to compare the customization of various Steelcase models, you’d find that the users had adjusted them entirely different from one another. You’ll never see an identical setup anywhere else.

Of course, this isn’t all you have to look forward to when you’re the proud owner of a Leap. Price aside, this is the best gaming chair for you.

4. Best Office High Back PU Leather

best office black pu chair review

Click here for prices and reviews

Feast your eyes on this seat. Looking at it, you’d never think this wouldn’t cost you your entire paycheck. We know, we were pleasantly surprised too.

Frugal spenders are not the only people who this seat will appeal to, In fact, the High Back PU Leather has stood the test of time with those who are more heavy set. Hey! There’s nothing wrong with being thicker boned; it just means that you need more cushioning and support to bring your A-Game to the battlefield.

While this chair doesn’t offer the same amount of adjustments as some of the other previously mentioned chairs, there are enough adjustments possible that you can be sure you’ll be comfortable during the entire gaming session.

Not only that, but the chair is attractive to look at. No one would ever guess you paid more or less a hundred for it. Our third best computer gaming chair pick, this is a great choice for the budget-conscious gamer with no back health issues.

5. Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Seat

boss black leather plus executive chair

Click here for prices and reviews

The Boss is not only ergonomic but it’s loaded with soft touches everywhere. In other words, this chair is padded to the teeth and ready for whatever you throw at it.

You can adjust the seat with the pneumatic adjustment lever without having to try and decode what every lever means.

The manufacturers at Boss wanted to keep things simple, and while this can sometimes be a drawback to some things, we feel like Boss knew what they were doing when they made this beast.

Its stylish appearances are easy to maintain, but don’t let the leather suit fool you, all you need is a little soap and water on a damp rag, and you’re good to go. This isn’t the best gaming chair for us, but still a great alternative.

6. SPACE Seating Professional

space seating professional airgrid review

Click here for prices and reviews

Office Star created a chair with simplistic design features, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sacrificing quality and comfort.

The part where your tush will be sitting is well padded and finished off with something they call Eco Leather. If you’ve sworn away from leather products, perhaps the material where this model is made will make it the best gaming chair for you.

We noticed the faux leather of this chair doesn’t seem to create a sticky and uncomfortable mess when you’re sweating bullets. Another intriguing design feature is the back where you’ll notice that it’s made from a mesh material.

While we usually would feel iffy about this design characteristic, we realized it does have some advantages, most of which is keeping sweat puddles from forming on your back and the chair’s backing. You see, the mesh allows airflow to circulate so you can stay cool so if you’re the type that sweat buckets during intense games, this is the best gaming chair for you. Check it out on Amazon or read our review.

7. Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Swivel

alera elusion review

Click here for prices and reviews

While this chair is more oriented towards PC Gaming, there’s no reason you can’t use it to play Xbox. The compact design of the Alera chair is usually what attracts people to this chair, but we think there’s more to the compact design.

More importantly, the best gaming chair should be adjustable to suit our particular needs. The Multi-Function Mechanism enables you to do exactly that. You can adjust the angle of the backrest, as well as change the degree of how far this chair can tilt both forward and backward.

The mesh backing keeps sweat from coming between you and your game when things get tense. While the chair doesn’t offer a separate lumbar support, the design of the backrest will suit you just fine. This also comes in a high-back variation.

8. Aeron by Herman Miller with PostureFit

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

Click here for prices and reviews

One of the first things you notice about this product is the unique and stylish design.

Unfortunately, this chair is pretty up there as far as price goes, but we do think it’s justifiable when you consider all the creature comforts you get with the Herman Miller chair. Not only do you get a stylish looking product, but you also get a chair that is capable of adapting to your needs with the menagerie of customizable adjustments.

If you’re serious about preventing or reducing bodily strain from long hours in the seat, you’ll appreciate the padding and the lumbar support pad that this chair implements. This could have been our best gaming chair for 2017 pick, if not for the highfalutin price.

9. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office

AmazonBasics Office Chair Review

Click here for prices and reviews

Popular with college students, the AmazonBasics is a basic seat at a reasonable price. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; sometimes it’s the most simple things in life that give us pleasure. This is the best gaming chair for people who are looking for a simple solution.

While you won’t find the same creature comforts in this chair as some of the other chairs in this list, you should know that this model received an ample amount of positive reviews from all over the web. The heavier set folks will appreciate this model’s ability to hold up to 225 pounds without breaking a sweat. There’s a also a high-back variation for this amazing seat.

10. Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive

serta office chair review

Click here for prices and reviews

Introducing a model that is approved by the American Chiropractic Association itself, we think you’ll find the bold and stylish features of this chair to be a welcome asset in your home office or gaming quarters.

The Serta Air allows you to feel comfortable even with long hours spent in front of the screen. Looking at all that padding, you may begin to wonder if it can handle the heavier boned folk. The answer is a resounding yes – up to 350 pounds In fact! It’s not our best gaming chair, but it sure is a great alternative!

Features To Consider Before Purchasing

So you’ve laid out the cash for your PC of choice and paid extra the biggest and baddest monitor you can find. But something is missing. It would make no sense to keep sitting in your mom’s borrowed kitchen stool that she’s begging you to return. So where are you going to sit now?

The answer you’re looking for is a gaming or office chair – and it is very critical to your success as a gamer. Manufacturers of these have paid particular attention to the needs of gaming enthusiasts and some manufacturers are gamers themselves so they understand what your needs are.

While a cheap plastic stool might work for weekend gaming, if you plan to play Call of Duty long into the wee hours of the night, you need something with better lumbar support at the least, and 5-directional armrest adjustment at the most – that’s where finding the best computer gaming chair for your butt and back comes in.

Gamers need not suffer discomfort or back pain due to long gaming sessions – just purchase one that has these important, if not necessary, features.


Ergonomic office chairs are mostly synonymous to office chairs simply because the ergonomic concepts apply to both seats. If you have several minutes of free time, you can watch a super informative video about ergonomics below (this would help you realize why choosing a recliner is important), courtesy of the Montana State Fund.

Manufacturers have considered that gaming enthusiasts will endure long hours in front of your man cave and sitting for long periods of time can have long-term consequences. As an example, look at anyone who has worked for a trucking company or call center for several years. Your chair should work for you, not against you.

Here are several adjustable parts that the best gaming chair for you should have:

Seat Height and Depth Adjustments

This is a standard feature in almost every game or office chair. It’s important that you’re capable of adjusting the height of your seat so you can sit comfortably.

The right adjustment can encourage proper posture which will reduce strain on your back and prevent you from having to book an appointment with a chiropractor. You’re in the wrong chair if you feel like your feet are dangling off the floor.

Any ergonomic office chair will also come with settings to adjust the seat depth so your back can actually benefit from the backrest and lumbar support. Improper seat depth adjustment or chairs without such features will often force you to hunch over and even limit blood flow in your thighs – the best chairs for gaming should not do this to you. Most brands like Steelcase and Flash Furniture, have well-developed seat height and depth adjustments and are worth looking into.

Tilt Mechanism

Recline-ability offers numerous benefits such as relieving pressure off of your lower back and improving blood circulation and this is a crucial comfort feature for the any gaming or office chair.

Contrary to tilting in-game, the tilt mechanism for chairs is actually a positive feature. This is what allows the backrest and seat to lean back allowing the chair to tilt and you to recline.

While most chairs have these feature, how far the seat tilts varies from model to model. There are two types of tilt mechanisms.

One type has the pivot in the center of the chair so the front of the seat goes up (and your feet go off the floor) as you recline, while the other has the pivot on the front of the chair where your feet remain on the floor as you recline.

Armrest Adjustments

multi-direction adjustable armrests

Adjustable armrests improves comfort, but not everyone is a fan of these.

You should be able to adjust the height and positioning of the arm rests. This feature isn’t as common as height adjustment, but it’s still an important one to avoid shoulder and arm discomfort.

It’s a divided school with armrests, however, because some ergonomists actually recommend that you don’t use the them.

Most ergonomic chairs have two-directional adjustment which goes up and down. The more high-end brands, however, offer four-directional or even five-directional armrest adjustment. DX Racer and Steelcase are examples of manufacturers that offer this feature and this is why they are considered by many as the best PC gaming chair.

Back Tension Control

This option allows you to adjust the firmness or tension levels in the backrest. This is mostly important for those with unnaturally arched backs because back tension will influence how much “push” the backrest exerts on your back. This isn’t widely available though and only high-end chairs have this feature.


LeatherSoft padding

A superior quality chair is typically made from materials such as breathable mesh or leather. The best PC gaming chair, however, will provide various upholstery options to suit any preference. Picking the right material for you is important to consider because your body temperature will determine whether your chair will be comfortable for long-term use or not.

Leather is not ideal for people who sweat easily because the material traps heat, which could be distracting and uncomfortable. It is, however, suitable for the user who becomes unnaturally cold (like me!) during intense gaming sessions. It is stylish and attractive in just about any room setting, but may be difficult to maintain if you have pets.

Your best bet is a more breathable fabric such as mesh which allows air to flow easier so you can stay cool. It’s easy to clean and durable as well, but look for mesh to encourage air flow. This is particularly important for gamers who overheat during intense gaming times.

Other chairs like DX Racer have material made of Polyurethane (PU) or  Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which are the increasingly becoming popular because of their durability and breathability. The best desk chairs provides various upholstery options to suit any preference.

Style or Design

Looks are important to consider too. While your chair need not look like the next Picasso masterpiece, you’ll want a chair easy on the eyes when company or friends comes over.

Whatever you pick, be sure that it matches the decor of your gaming room. This is particularly important for gaming personalities such as streamers or even cosplayers (yes, there are some cosplayer-streamers).

Maxnomic and DXRacer chairs are more popular for gamers, however there are other options such as Steelcase or even the Flash Furniture High Back if you’re looking for something ergonomic.


stable, adjustable base and foundation

Although a very minor feature, the choice of casters sometimes make or break your choice of desk chair. Improper choice of casters could damage floors or even cause fatigue as you try to keep the chair steady.

Larger casters (about 3 inches in diameter) have less resistance and will therefore move the chair a lot – even if you don’t want it to. This type is best suited for those who actually want to slide around or for those playing on top of deep carpets.

Moreover, there are two types of casters – soft and hard. Hard casters are just that – hard, and are suitable for carpets or non-slippery surfaces. Soft casters on the other hand are covered in polyurethane and typically have brakes. These are more suitable for tile or wood floors.


The best computer chair for gaming is never made to be set-and-forget chairs. More often than not bad reviews on the internet are just caused by improper chair calibration. Worse, they’re not calibrated at all!

The best computer gaming chair for you should have intuitive and easy-to-reach knobs and levers for a hassle-free adjustment process.

When it comes to assembly, it shouldn’t take you the entire day to put the chair together. Your chair of choice should have a clear instructions manual as well as adequate amount of screws (some even come with drivers) that would actually fit in the holes.

Why Sit In The Best Computer Chair? BenefitsThe best gaming chair will keep you comfortable and helps you win games!

For the average user, any kind of recliner will work just fine. But gaming enthusiasts who spend several of their hours playing games know that comfort is paramount to their success. Especially if you’ll be spending long hours in front of the computer.

Sit for Longer Periods

With non-ergonomic chairs, fatigue will set in within the first hour of sitting. You can try to get as comfortable as much as you want, but no amount of shifting your weight around in the seat will ease the discomfort. The best chair for gaming should have one purpose – to keep gamers comfortable for long periods of time while reducing the symptoms of fatigue.

Better Gaming Experience

Chairs usually come with features that enhance a user’s experience. The high-quality gaming seats will incorporate the use of built in speakers in the headrest, while displaying audio and volume controls at your fingertips, and a relaxing sitting experience that should make you feel like you’re sitting behind the wheel of a sports car. Some chairs go the extra mile to duplicate that same driving experience.

Comfort and Better Posture

It also provides long-term comfort for serious gaming enthusiasts. This is especially critical for anyone who suffers from back and spine problems or if you’re just trying to reduce the strain from sitting. Sitting for long periods of time has been associated with health concerns such as increased risk of obesity, increased blood pressure, and permanent damage to the spine. Sitting in the wrong chair may contribute to these problems and potentially make them worse.

Want more? Head to our Reviews Page for more desktop chair recommendations.

Why Do The Best Computer Chair Cost So Much?!

An ergonomic gaming or office chair is a worthwhile investment that could boost your gaming scores and keep you comfortable for long periods of time. But if you’re still asking why here are the main reasons:

The Best PC Chair Is Top-Notch Quality

Durable materials withstand overuse. Remember, you want to invest your money into a quality product once, not twice. There are several brands such as Flash Furniture and Best Office that offers affordable computer chairs, but they are still in the $$$range.

Better Comfort

Manufacturers of gaming chairs spent countless hours to better understand the human body and how they can create a chair that will bring the most benefits. They want you to be comfortable. Of course, they have to hire ergonomists and physiologists to help them with the research and development as well as utilize the most suitable materials.

A novice gamer or a once-in-awhile-gamer can probably get away with using anything their butt can sit on, but the elite gamer knows they can’t bring their best to the game if they’re not comfortable. I’ve only reached Platinum 3 since I played League but I find that comfort is really a crucial factor in finding maintaining focus.

6 Steps to Picking the Best PC Gaming Chair for You

lumbar love

Purchasing a gaming seat can be a considerable investment of time and money. There’s the time that goes into researching a product before making the purchase decision, and then there’s the money. Luckily, our research will cut down on the time aspect dramatically. Here’s a 4-point checklist of things to consider before you bring any chair back to your domain. We suggest you sit down and do the following before you rush out and purchase any chair:

Step 1: Set a budget

The best gaming chair for you can cost from $$$+ and up depending on what features you need or want. We suggest you set up a budget before you begin the shopping process. Budget chairs (around $$$) are good for those with no back issues and just want something comfortable. For those with sciatica or scoliosis we recommend a chair with ergonomic features – something with really good lumbar support. This will likely have a higher price, but is a great investment in the long run.

Step 2: Know what your body needs.

An ergonomic gaming chair should work with you, not against you. It’s also a fact that different people have different needs. I, for one, needs a firm lumbar support as I have a weak back. Find out the healthiest playing position for your body and find a chair that would do just that. Research and ask!

We have a section dedicated to gaming health where you can read articles on obtaining and maintaining proper posture.

Step 3: Determine your must-have features

What features do you need? Which ones can you live without? Develop a list and keep it next to you when you’re shopping. We’ve mentioned to you several must-have features earlier so do keep that in mind.

Step 4: Consider your floor and room decor

This is a common overlooked area. Is your floor hard or carpeted? Depending on your floor type, you have to consider what casters your seat of choice should have. As said earlier, improper choice will often result to floor damage or body fatigue. With regards to decor, just make sure that the chair’s design fits your room’s. You don’t want your $$$+ trophy to be an eyesore.

Step 5: Look at the reviews

Have you found your seat? Look up the reviews and see what the customers are saying. You can always find reviews on Amazon, but make sure to only read Verified Reviews. Reddit is trustworthy as well, but not a lot of chairs have been critiqued.

Step 6: Consider buying online or on retailers

Purchasing online (i.e. Amazon) is very convenient as you need not go out of your room to purchase. Just several clicks in a matter of minutes and you’re done! You have to be extra careful when buying, however, as you don’t have the capability to actually inspect the seat. That being said, always buy from reputable websites and manufacturers and always read product reviews.

On the other hand, buying directly on Target or other stores gives you the freedom to inspect the chair before purchasing. The only downside is that you have to go out and purchase one yourself.

Our Research Process and Trusted Vendors

X Gaming Chair - Best PC Gaming Chairs!

We’re enthusiastic gamers ourselves, so we understand where gamers are coming from when they’re looking for the best gaming chair.

We’ve researched various game chairs and compared them to one another in hopes of short cutting the research process for you so you could get back to more important things: playing!

Our Vendors were specially chosen with quality in mind. At the moment we recommend these two vendors for purchases:


Amazon has an outstanding reputation for customer service and this is often where I get and recommend to buy the best gaming chair. Their customers come first every time, all the time. Amazon also offers the ability to view reviews from people who have purchased products which enable a customer to get a better idea of what they should expect from a particular product.


The site is easy to navigate, so you can find what you’re looking for without having to search all over the place. At the moment, you can search for chairs based on weight, and best sellers. They also have a section specifically for detailed reviews. All of their products come with a free shipping guarantee (so long as you’re in the United States). The only downside is that they only sell DX Racer products.

Get The Best Gaming Chair Now!

There you have it! Our top ten line up of some of the best computer chairs that we think are worth looking at. There’s a seat on this list for just about anyone! So pick one already!

Also, if you have any questions, comments, or whatever reaction, post them in the comments section below.